Kinaskak / Chinese Checkers (IM2765)
Kinaskak / Chinese Checkers
EUR 13,38
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Skak magnetisk - rejse udgave (HS672718)
Skak magnetisk - rejse udgave
EUR 47,16
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Skak Deluxe i trææske (BR38018920)
Skak Deluxe i trææske
EUR 40,41
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6 spil i en 1 æske (BR38018921)
Skak, Dam, Backgammon, Domino, Mølle og Yatzy
6 spil i en 1 æske
EUR 33,65
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Alga Skak, Chess (BR38018926)
Skak i træ
Alga Skak, Chess
EUR 20,14
incl. VAT
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Chess pieces:

Available in numerous editions, both contemporary and historical. In tournament shakes, you usually use more stylized pieces, the so-called Staunton model, named after British Shotmaster Howard Staunton (1810-74).

Chess clock:

The players' report time is measured with a two-hour switching device

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