Original game Rush Hour from ThinkFun

The game is very simple - on a 6 * 6 game board a lot of game pieces - cars - including a small red car (yourself) are placed 1 x 2 fields long and a lot of other cars of the same size and lorries a field anymore.

Your task now is to move your own car from the plate - there is a hole in the side, you have to drive through - by moving around the other cars that are unfortunately unable to rotate but only to move back and forth in the direction they now hold ..

The startups are on task cards that come with the game, categorized into 4 difficulty levels, ranging from beginner (Intermediate) to Expert.

Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from constructing your own tasks.

Addon you can buy Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour 3 og Rush Hour 4 – three sets (on additional 40 task cards) with new tasks, starting from Intermediate to GrandMaster, where GrandMaster is level higher than Expert.

With these extra cards, more cars feel - a red sports car, a white limousine (there are 3 long instead of 2, which can make the task of getting it out of the board a bit different).
Also see: Rush Hour Deluxe - Lidt mere Exclusive udgave af Rush Hour spillet. 

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