Strategy game for 2 players.

  1. TRAX is played with identical square tiles on which sections of red and white track join adjacent edges on one side and opposite edges on the other side.
  2. Two players determine by prior agreement who shall be represented by each coloured track.
  3. The game is won by the player whose track forms a loop or a line:
    1. during that player's completed turn or
    2. during an opponent's completed turn in which the opponent's track does not also form a loop or a line..
  4. A loop is a continuous path of track that connects with itself.
    A white loop
  5. A line is a continuous path of track that connects opposite and outermost edges of the tiles in play, over at least 8 rows of tiles, across or down.
    A white line
Rules for Play:
  1. Commencing with the White player, each player at each turn places a tile, either side up, on any flat surface.
  2. After the first turn, each tile must be placed edge to edge alongside any tile or tiles already in play so as to always join sections of same coloured track to each other.
  3. Each player may join track of either or both colours in any turn.
  4. Forced plays - If a tile played in any turn forms an adjacent space or spaces into which same coloured track enters from two edges, that same player must play a further tile into each such space so as to join up the same coloured track, be it white or red, as part of that turn.
    A forced play may itself require further forced plays to be made. A turn is not complete until the only remaining spaces are either single edged spaces or two edged spaces entered by track of both colours.
    In the position here, playing the first tile forces a second, which in turn forces the third tile. The next space is entered by track of both colours so turn ends.
    Forced plays
  5. Illegal turn - If a forced play forms an adjacent space into which same coloured track enters from more than two edges, that whole turn is illegal and uncomplete and must be replayed.
Age: 8 years and up.

Players: 2 Players

Play Time: Ca. 30 min.

  • 64 Trax tiles
  • 1 Set of rules
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