Easy to learn, Play anywhere, Tactile & Addictive.

Tantrix Match is a new puzzle concept designed to train your spatial and logic skills whilst providing heaps of fun.

Match contains 13 unique tiles, a wooden tray and a selection of puzzle cards sequenced in order of difficulty from easy to extreme.
There are lots of ways you can use your powers of deduction to help you find the solutions!..

With over 22 million puzzles possible, the difficulty of each puzzle is determined by the number and position of pre-placed tile clues.

To play, a card is placed into the tray, the starting tiles are copied and the puzzle is solved by fitting the remaining tiles to make all colours match.

How to play in four steps:
1. Choose a card puzzle
2. Put it on the wooden platform.
3. Search and place the physical tokens on the printed card-puzzle.
4. Place the remaining tiles so that the colors match.

TANTRIX MATCH contains twelve different puzzles sorted by level of difficulty.
The number of stars given to each card-puzzle indicates the difficulty of each of the puzzles to solve, ranging from 1 (easy) to 4 (very difficult).

There are also four possible targets to solve, just match colors, build a line of one color or build a single color closed circuit.

Each puzzle difficulty depends on the amount and position of the printed card on each card-puzzle.

Age: 6 years and up.

Player: 1 player

  • 1 Board in wood
  • 13 Tantrix tiles
  • 12 Puzzle cards
  • 1 Set of rules
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