It´s fun fast franzy.

Be the first player to get all ten of your dice to show the same number.

How to play:

Each player chooses a set of dice.
Players hold all ten dice in their hands.
Someone says GO and everyone roll at the same time.
Quickly look at your and decide which number you are going to go for.
(For example, if you have most 3´s than any other number, that´s what you wnat to go for.)
Put all your dice with that number aside, collect the remaining dice and quickly roll again.

(You du not have to wait for others to roll again.
Everyone rolls together only on the firse roll.)

Keep rolling until all ten of your dice show the same number.


The first player to get all ten of their dice to match (ten 3´s, for example) shouts out TENZI and wins the game.

Age: 7 years and up.

Players: 2 - 4 players:


  • 40 Dice in four different color, 10 of each color
  • 1 Set og rules.

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Alder 7 år og opefter
Deltagere 2 - 4 spillere
Mærke ilovetenzi
Sprog Engelsk
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