Cross Roads. 30 road building challenges to solve!. Welcome to Crossroads, the road building puzzle for smart drivers young and old!

The Goal: Build each road layout challenge so the front and rear halves of each vehicle are color-matched: yellow-to-yellow (sedan), red-to-red (coupe), blue-to-blue (SUV), and green-to-green (pickup).

Challenges: The Challenges Booklet illustrates 30 different road layouts you must build, using selections from the 24 puzzle pieces. For each or two puzzle pieces are located to help you get started.

Solutions: If your brain hits a roadblick, don't call the Highway Patrol. The solution to each challenge is provided.

So what are you waiting for? Start building!

For 1 player. From 8 years and up.

Cross Roads:  contents: 24 puzzle pieces and a Challenge Booklet with instructions and solutions


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