Defeat the Super-Villains - grab the Super-gadgets - Stab your super-Buddy.

Once it was a mild-mannered Munchkin game.

But then it was bathed in strange energies, got bitten by a radioacive chihuahua, and touched an ancient idol.
Now it battles foes for levels, treasure, and the Munchkin way!

Be a superheroic Mutant, exotic, Mystic, or Techno.
Buff up with new Powers like Stretchiness, Body of Real Hard stuff, and beer belch!
Battle dastardly masterminds, devastating Monsters, and invading aliens from the next dimension - from the wimpy Bucketman all the way up to Big OI Planet Eater Guy himself - and take their stuff! With the Electro-Mento-Hat, the Telezapinator, and the (jet-powered) Pogo Stick, no foe can stand before you. S

uper Munchkin is a stand-alone game.

If features Powers (first seen in Munchkin Bites!) an adds ridiculous Origins for those Powers ... but it remains completely compatible with the entire Munchkin line.

For 3 - 6 players. (2 can play, but more is better).

Playtime: Ca. 1 hour

  • 168 cards
  • rules
  • dice
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