Twisty Brainteaser.

This three dimensional mechanical puzzle begs to be picked up, and may be impossible to put down!

Fidgitz twists and turns in a unique fluid motion that will mesmerize players for hours on end.

Your goal is to twist and manipulate the puzzle until one side is all blue and the other side is all white.

It’s a challenging brainteaser and a fidget toy all in one!

Age: 8 years and up.

Players: 1 Player.


  • 1 Brainteaser Puzzle

EAN-nummer :
Alder 8 år og opefter
Deltagere 1 spillere
Mærke Thinkfun
Sprog Engelsk
DKK 79,00 inkl. moms

Normalpris DKK 149,00
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