Build a Unicorn army - Betray your friends - Unicorns are your friends now.

What did you get yourself into?

Start with a Baby Unicorn in your Stable, and begin building your Unicorn Army.
Each Magical Unicorn comes with a special power, but don’t underestimate the power of Basic Unicorns!
Use Upgrades and Downgrades to protect and build your stable (or attack other players MUAHAHAHA).
Instant Cards stop other players from laying down a card, so they’ll either be your best friend or your worst enemy.
The first person to complete their Unicorn Army wins!

Card types:

Play an instant Card at any time to stop someone from playing a card.
Send the Instant Card to the Discard Pile after use.

Play an Upgrade Card during your turn to give someone's Stable a positive effect. (Your own Stable is always a good choice!)

Play a Downgrade Card during your turn to give someone's Stable a negative effect. (Pick an opponent's Stable, duh!).

Play a Magic Card during your turn to create mayhem.
Send the Magic Card ti the Discard Pile after use.

Magical Unicorn:
Play a Magical Unicorn Card by placing it in your Stable during your turn.
Each one comes with a special power!

Basic Unicorn: 
Play a Basic Unicorn by placing it in your Stable during your turn.
They don't have powers, but they are still special!

Baby Unicorn:
Each player starts with a Baby Unicorn in their Stable.
You can only summon more by using special cards!

What to do on your turn:
Turns go clockwise around the table, and each turn is made up of four phases.

  • Beginning of Your Turn- If any of your cards has an effect that happens at the beginning of your turn, you may use that effect now. If you forget to do it before you draw, you miss out on using that effect.
  • Draw Phase- Draw one card from the Draw Pile.
  • Action Phase- Play one card from your hand or Draw one more card from the Draw Pile.
  • End of Your Turn- Discard down to the hand limit. (If you are holding more than seven cards).

How to win:
The first person with the required number of unicorns in their Stable wins!
They are the Righteous Ruler of All Things Magical.
Everyone must bow down to them.

  • 2 players- Seven Unicorns to Win
  • 3-5 players- Seven Unicorns to Win
  • 6-8 players- Six Unicorns to Win

Age: 14 years and up.

Players: 2 - 8 players.

Play Time: Ca. 30 - 45 min.


  • 135 Cards
  • 1 Rule book.

EAN-nummer :
Alder 14 år og opefter
Deltagere 2 - 8 spillere
Spilletid Ca. 30 - 45 min.
Mærke Breaking Games
Sprog Engelsk
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