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Making Ranking Breaking The News.

In Extra! Extra!, you enter the dog-eat-dog. world of newspaper publishing.

You and your fellow managing editors are competing for compelling stories and features to fill the voracious pages of your newspapers!

Send reporters out to collect the latest news and photographs from New York, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo!

Conduct research in the morque to make those stories easier to complete.
Search out the best of the stories from the wire services and from stringers who occupy the lowest rungs on the reporting ladder.

Race to be the first to claim the headlines, interviews, and extras that will make your articles come to life.
You win if your stories rise above the more mundane drivel in the pages of your so-called competition.

Gather all the news that´s fit to print, remain true to the themes that got you to the big time, and can rise with your rag to riches!

Ages: 14 years and up.

Players: 2 - 6 players.

Play Time: 60 - 240 min.

  • 1 Game Board (in 2 pieces)
  • 6 Player Board
  • 30 Reporter pieces
  • 100+ Tiles to fill pages: Stories, columns, headlines, ads and classifieds
  • 24 Cutting Tiles
  • 20+ Bonus Tokens for: Interviews and specialities
  • 42 Photos cards
  • 42 Copy cards
  • 80+ Cards for: stringers, classifieds, copy editiors, interviews, headlines, columns. scenarios, and the newwire
  • 1 Rulebook.
A Mighty Newsworthy Game by Andrew Bond

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