Winomino - Gigamic

Winomino terms:
A Pentamino is a shape made up of 5 joined cubes with at least one shaped side.
There are 6 Pentaminos ( the bigger pieces in different shapes and colours) in the game, each covering 5 squares of the board.

A Pentamini is a shaped formed by only 1, 2, 3 , or 4 cubes.
There are 10 Pentaminis in the game.
A Penta is a set of several Pentaminis or Pentaminos with perfectly fills the playing area formd by placing the divider.
See the back of the box for examples of Pentas.

First picture after the text.

Rules of the game for 2 players.
The are six EASY yellow outline cards numbered 13 - 18.

the Penta cards come in pairs; the background and the outline have the same colour and the same number.

Example of a game:
Decide on witch level of difficulty to play (easy, medium or difficult) then gather the six corresponding cards.
One player picks a card at random from these six cards, and chooses one of the 2 colours on the card.
The other player must take the other card of the pair.

Both players face each other on either side of the board and take the pieces shown on their respective cards from the pile on the table.

One player palces the divider on the board betwin numbers 3 and 4, the other between 9 and 10.

The game begins: the first to pomplete their Penta 3 scores a point.

Play procedes.
The player who came in second chooses a Pentamino from the pile on the table and gives it to their opponent, who then does the same.
Each player moves the divider up a notch and on the time signal starts their Penta 4 with all the pieces they have.
The first to finish scores 1 point.
The game continues in the same way with Penta 5 and Penta 6.
Please note that to complete Penta 6, only divider is placed, between 6 and 7.
The player who scores the most points wins the first set.

For the return match, each players turns their card over and plays with the pieces shown on the other side.
For the decider, both playersexchange their cards and choose the same side.

Age: 3 years and up.
Palyer: 1 -2 players

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