Tannhäuser - A board game of eldritch horror and hero

Tannhäuser. It is 1949, and the Great War has beenraging for 35 long years. A secret archaeological dig has just uncovered a powerful relic and delivered it to the Obscura. Korps, agents of the Reich's military aristocracy. This artifact holds the key to information that the Reich has sought for years: the location of one of the four dark cardinal corners of reality.

 This Cardinal Cornerstone is buried in an ancient crypt beneath a fortress in the heart of Central Europe. If the Reich controls it, they could open a portal to hell. The Reich's 13th Occult Division is at the fortress now, led by Marquis General Hermann Von Heïzinger. These agents of the Obscura Korps plan to call upon the Cohorts of Chaos to help them force the world into eternal servitude.

A few courageous men and women are all that stands between the Reich and the Cardinal Cornerstone. The 42nd Marine Special Forces is the Union's most elite combat unit, and for this mission its highly trained members have been equipped with powerfull, stillexperimental weaponry. They will parachute behind enemy lines, hunt down Heïzinger, and attempt to attempt to neutralize the most horrific threat mankind has ever faced.

Tannhäuse Overview:
In the Tannhäuser board game, you will command the soldiers and unholy minions of a secret war for the fate of all humanity. Using the unique and innovative Pathfinding system, you will engage your unit in tactical maneuvers and dramatic action. Will you accomplish your foremost objective: The utter defeat of your enemy in the alternate-history world that is Tannhäuser?

Tannhäuser can be played with between 2 and 10 players, divided into teams: One team controls the agents of the Obscura Korps, and the other team controls the commandos of the 42nd Marine Special Forces. Games take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the game options players decide to use.

Tannhäuser Features:
1. The unique and innovative Pathfinding game system, which streamlines movement and combat.
2. A rich background setting - the u-chronic universe - that is continually evolving in expansions and online supplements.
3. 10 magnificent miniatures that vividly depict each character.
4. Stunning, highly detailed game boards and componments.
5. 70 types of equipment with which to customize your charater.
6. Easy-to-understand rules geared at beginner and experienced players alike.
7. Multiple missions, gam modes, and difficulty levels that allow players to customize the game to their tastes.

Enter a world of suspense, action, and adventure.

Dode name: Tannhäuser

Tannhäuser are From 11 years and up. For 2 - 10 players

Tannhäuser Contents:
10 painter Miniatures, 10 Character Sheets, 1 Full-Color Rule Book, 160 Tokens and 2 10-sided Dice.



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