The Lord of the Rings Nazgul Board Game - Ewllcome to Mordor. Shire... Baggins...

The Lord of the Rings Nazgul Board Game. Welcome to Mordor. Shire... Baggins... As a Nazgul, your are one of Sauron's most dedicated and powerful minions, and you have been tasked with stopping the Fellowship from destroying the ONE RING. You must work together with other Nazgul to intercept the Ring.bearer on his journey to Mount Doom. Along the way you will counter incredible resistance in the form of three different campaigns that must be conquered. Every challenger you defeat will earn you Sauron's Favor, which can be used to muster additional forces or increase your power in combat. Additionally, you will earn Victory Points that will decide who will become the new leader of the Nazgul under Sauron's reign.

Build your army, forge alliances, and strategize with your Nazgul brothers ot divide and conquer the land as you chase the Ring-Bearer to the steps of Mount Doom. If you fail to intercept the Ring, it will be destroyed and Mordor will fall and you lose the game. Succeed in bringing Sauron the Ring and one of you will be declared the victor!

The Lord of the Rings Nazgul Board Game is for 3 - 5 players. From 14 years and up

The Lord of the Rings Nazgul Board Game playtime: 120 - 160 mins.

The Lord of the Rings Nazgul Board Game contents:
5 HeroClix Nazgûl Figures
45 Cards of Power
51 Hero Cards
55 Quest Cards
20 Secret Quest Cards
138 Battle Cubes
70 Sauron Favor Cubes
1 Gameboard with Fellowship Tracker
5 Turn Order Markers
12 Complete Wall Markers
30 Victory Point Counters
1 The One Ring Token
1 Witch-king Token
1 Battle Cup

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