Munchkin Super 2
Spar 29%
The Narrow S Cape.

110 new cards, and two evel blanks, for SUPER MUNCHKIN with new villains like the contemptible Cheese Wiz, Gothzilla (with earthquake-causing platform-boot action!), and the Ratwomen ... plus more items, more Powers, and a new class: The Brain!
Wield the Slide Rule and the Power Ring against Sister Blister!

Tackle Tackyman with the Trampoline!
Survive the two-hour Monolog because you were Raised By Armadillos!
Weep for Shannon Wheeler´s too much Coffee Man, mind-controlled by evil foes! A

nd flee from Shaenon K. Garrity´s fearsome foot!
The Narrow S Cape.
It´s what all the Munchkin will be wearing this year!

  • 112 Cards
  • 1 Rule set
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