Carcassonne Big Box
A more complete Carcassonne experience!

The base game plus 5 expansions! 

In the third Carcassonne Big Box you will find the basic game an five popular expansions for this fun and award-winning game. 
We pack all this material together, so fans can enjoy the game in many different ways which add even more fun to this great game. 
The expansions can be played together in any combination and are marked for easy sorting after the game.
The box is designed to hold them all, each in its own place.



The Carcassonne is not only the name of a Southern France city, but it is also a symbol for the fight of the people against the medieval church politics. 
And today its walls still stand as a symbol of security and the area is visited by many tourists every year seeking to remember tha past.

A clever tile-laying game. 

The players develop the area around Carcassonne by placing tiles to form the map of the area - different for every game!
They deploy their followers on the roads, in the cities, in the cloisters, and in the fields.
The skill of the players to develop the area and plan the best placement of their followers will determine who scores the most points and wins the game.
Carcassonne - a simple tactical tile-laying game, with new challenges offeres with each new game.

  • 72 landscape tiles
  • 1 scoring track
  • 6 point tiles
  • 48 followers i 6 colors
Inns & Cathedrals:

The Cathedral triples the value of a city, and the Inn doubles the value of a road, but only when they are completed.
Players may use the new large follower to double their chances of controlling a city, road, or field.

  • 18 new landscape tiles
  • large followers
Traders & Builders:

Traders can earn players extra points and builders enable players to place extra tiles, allowing the cities and roads to grow faster.
A pig, properly placed, can enrich the value of a farm.
Players can also collect wares for ekstra scoring at the end og the game.

  • 24 new landscape tiles
  • 20 trade good tiles
  • 6 wooden builders
  • 6 wooden pigs

Princess & Dragon:

The land around Carcassonne is being visited by a dragon, making life very difficult for the followers.
Brave heroes venture forth to face the danger, but without the aid of the fairies, their chances are not good. In the city, the princess seeks help from the knights, and farmers build secret passages to move about undetected by the dragon.

  • 30 new landscape tiles
  • 1 wooden dragon
  • 1 wooden fairy

Abby & Mayor: 

Traveling merchants move their goods to surrounding cities and monasteries.
The cities in the surrounding countryside can incarease to a size lager enough to elect their own mayors. 
Simple farmers build lager and wealthy farmers and the influence by establishing abbeys

  • 12 new landscape tiles
  • 6 wooden wagons
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