Fortress America - One Nation, Under Siege
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Fortress America. One Nation, Under Siege. In the 21st century, the United States unveiled a new system of powerful lasers that provided not only a flawless defense against intercontinental missiles, but also a means to destroy enemy forces anywhere on the globe. Despite other nations objections, the U.S. refused to dismantie its laser system. Protest gave way to fear, then to decisive action. No single country had the strength to oppose the united States, so an unprecedented coalition of goverments was formed intent on neutralizing the nascent laser system. A bold plan was devised to invade North America from three directions; the Asian´s People´s Republic would attack from the west, the Central America Federation from the south, and the Euro-Socialist Pact from the east. Every army dreads fighting a war on two fronts - the United States is about to face three. Will Fortress America survive?

In Fortress America, two to four players take on the role of either the United States, struggling to protect itself from foreign threats, or one or more invading forces, taking the fight to U.S. soil. Will the United States fend off the attack through a combination of military might, armed partisans, and precise laser strikes? Or can the invaders swarm across the land to conquer the United States´s cities and disarm its lasers? This updated edition of the classic game featurea a gritty new look, revised rulebook, and over 300 detailed plastic figures. Muster your forces, arm the lasers, and defend Fortress America!

Fortress America are for 2 - 4 players. From 14 years and up

Fortress America contents:
Game Map
4 Reference Sheets
Graveyard Sheet
4 Red Six-Sided Dice
4 White Eight-Sided Dice
4 Blue Ten-Sided Dice
Black Lacer Die
96 Infantry Units
48 Hovertank Units
36 Mobile Units
36 Helicopter Units
24 Bomber Units
30 City Miniatures
24 Partisan Units
11 Laser Minitures
31 Partisan Cards
24 Invander Cards
35 Western Invader Markers
30 Southern Invader Markers
25 Eastern Invader Markers
11 Targeting Markers
1 Turn Marker
3 Foothold Overlays

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