Small World Underground SB - ...when in a hole, keep digging

Small World Underground. ...when in a hole, keep digging! What with all the buried remnants of past generations, space on Small World is never tighter underground than above. Your ancestors hopes for you to carve uot an underground empire are in jeopardy...
Others have dared to burrow beneath your land, leaving little space left for the leving or the dead!

Small World Underground is a stand-alone game set beneath the surface of the same fun, light-hearted Small World universe of epic conquests and fallen empires - with more than 100,000 copies sold!

Featuring new Races and Special Powers, Small World Underground also introduces Monster occupied regions that protect Relics and Places of great power! It can be played on its own or combined with other Small World game elements, and is recommended for experienced Small World players.

For 2 - 5 players. From 8 years and up.

Small World Underground contains: 2 Double-Sided Game Boards, one for each players configuration. 15 New Fantasy Races with matching banner & tokens. 9 Popular Places & 6 Righteous Relics. 9 Black Mountains & 1 Volcano. 9 Mushroom Armor, 7 Silver Hammer, 4 Vengeance Markers, 1 Bag-ó-Many-Things & 1 Game Turn Marker. 1 Balrog, 1 Ghost, 1 Great Ancient & 1 Queen. 106 Victory Coins. 5 Player & 1 Game Turn Summary Sheets. 1 Reinforcement Die and 1 Rules Booklet


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