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Junk Boat.

A Junk boat is a wooden one used in China.
It usually has around two or three sails but sometimes have four.
It is used for carrying food ans supplies from country to country.
Today a few people live on Junk boats and use it as a way of making money in some places.

Santa Maria.

The Santa Maria is known all over the world as the flagship of Christopher Columpus.
On August 3rd 1492 he sailed three ships, the Santa Maria which was the largest of them, the Pinta and the Nina from Palos, Spain.
After having visited the Canary Islands Columbus crossed the Alantic in 36 days and along with his crew of 40 men discovered America on October 12th, 1492.

Roman Warship.

Long banks of oars propelled the Roman warship swifftly through the water and into battle.
Roman cargo ships featured the same distinctive square sails, but warships often had assitional protective coverings to shield them from fire and misslies.


The Panoksun was the main vessel used by the Chosun dynasty during the late 16th century.
It was made of the sturdiest pine wood.
Panoksun is called battleship due to its activity during the IM JIN War (Korean and Japanese), the Panoksuns were wngaged as the vanguard and brought the seas under their control to lead Chosun to victory.

Alder: 6 år og opefter.

Samle tid: Ca. 100 - 120 min.

Childrens´s Puzzle Toy:
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  • Integrated interactive components  / features
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